Medical, Educational & Welfare Trust
Dr. Fatima Rani began visiting the villages, surveying the field, planning her action schedule and finding the necessary resources. With the guidance, support and help from Dr. Michael Jeyaraj and Dr. Clement Joseph, a Charitable Trust was established
Muhil Health Center
MUHIL prepares and distributes Siddha (Herbal) Medicines for practically all the ailments and disease, especially for women and children. MUHIL take special care of chronic cases od Asthma, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Psoriasis and other skin diseases and early stages of cancer.
Karmuhil Organic Farms
BIO DYNAMIC AGRICULTURE is being promoted by MUHIL. Training of Women in self-help Groups are being conducted in order to promote bio Dynamic Agriculture in the village of Thirumangalam Taluk, Muhil Garden has been converted into a Model Farm
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The Vision of MUHIL is to provide the necessary dynamics to get Medical Care & Health Delivery Systems to move away from the clinic-centered and hospital-oriented medical practice to people-centered and community (village) oriented health services.

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