Rural Community College

Efforts to standardize and procure formal recognition for the training programs at MUHIL have been initiated through the Indian centre for research and development of community education (ICRDEC) Chennai. MUHIL team has established the karmuhil rural open University (TNOU) Students are offered One. Year Diploma Courses in health Assistant, Catering Assistant, Beautification and desk top publishing (DTP).

Dr. clemnt Joseph has also established the saint clement community College, Madurai in the city of Madurai, with recognition from the Tamilnadu open university, Offering Diploma Courses in Computer Hardware DTP, Mobile phone Servicing and Air Conditioner Mechanic.

WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS are conducted at MUHIL for Men, Women Workers. Students and guests from other cities and Countries on Siddha Philosophy &Theology, Physical Exercises, Yoga, Breathing & Meditation.