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The Downtrodden & Poor People Charitable Medical, Educational & Welfare Trust

Dr. Fatima Rani began visiting the villages, surveying the field, planning her action schedule and finding the necessary resources. With the guidance, support and help from Dr. Michael Jeyaraj and Dr. Clement Joseph, a Charitable Trust was established: The Downtrodden and Poor People Charitable Medical, Educational and Welfare Trust in 1994 with the Registration Number 351/94.

In the same year MUHIL was born. “MUHIL” in Tamil means “rain bearing clouds”. As people expect prosperity from good monsoons brought by the rain-bearing clouds, so they should expect health and medical service from the initiative of Dr. Fatima Rani. Hence the name MUHIL was selected.

“MUHIL” is also an acronym. MUHIL stands for Movement for Universal Health Integration and Liberation.

As a pilot program, MUHIL began to work from rented premises in Nagamalai-Pudukottai for 6 villages around, about 10 Km from the city of Madurai. With the experience gained and with the support of partners, MUHIL shifted location farther away from the city of Madurai into the villages of the Tirumangalam Taluk. Since 1998, MUHIL functions from its own premises: Muhil Health Center, covering a target area of 35 villages in the Tirumangalam Taluk of Madurai District.

Since 2002, Muhil activities have extended to cover more than 80 villages.

The results of a survey recently conducted has shown that 50 villages depend solely on Muhil for their Medical Service and Health Care. Thus Dr. Rani’s dream has been realized and the efforts of her team have borne their results in bringing Medical Service and Health Care to the people of the villages.