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Biodynamic Agriculture of the Karmuhil Organic Farms has sprung from an impulse centred in Universal Health Integration and the development of a healthy humanity. Rudolf Steiner’s three fold social order reflects our social strivings and practice within the economic sphere; promoting increase in employment opportunity and ethical wages through Biodynamic farming and land stewardship.

BD Compost Heaps were being made and BD preparations and manures were used

  • In Muhil Gardens from 2004 onwards
  • In Vanmuhil Gardens from 2006 onwards
  • In Semmuhil Gardens from 2011 onwards and
  • In Karmuhil & Venmuhil Gardens from 2013 onwards.
  • Over the past 14 years, 2004-2018, we have gained key experience in promoting farming methods in accordance with Bio Dynamic Agriculture and sustaining organic agricultural activities among the farming families of the villages in Thirumangalam Taluk of Madurai District in Tamil Nadu.
  • Over the years we have improved our farming methods, the results of which are seen in the reclaimed and rejuvenated farm lands.
  • We have developed effective Training Programs for BD and/or Organic Farm Workers, as well, to reorient and empower the farming families.
  • We have been able to play a healthy role of encouraging and building up enthusiasm among the farming families of the villages to stay on the practice of BDA farming methods and maintain organic farms.

Initially training was a challenge. It was not easy convincing farm employees, daily wage earning landless men and women farm workers of the importance of new practices. That took time. Today the methods are well implemented. Experienced workers and field officers are at hand.

However, with a community of the size of Karmuhil Organic farms, with more than 120 regular farm workers, fluctuation in staff and seasonal worker is a process never ending.

Planned developments:


MUHIL wanted to improve the livelihood of small farmers and landless laborers, including marginalized women, in 40 villages of the Tirumangalam Taluk of Madurai District in Tamil Nadu.

Holistic Vision of the Project

  • Assurance of daily occupation
  • Assurance of Medical Care
  • Sustainable agricultural economy
  • Reclaimed and rejuvenated agricultural lands
  • Self-Reliant Economy with market facilitation
  • Prevention of migration of rural population to semi-urban & urban sectors
  • Protection of social and natural environment as vibrant rural economy

Diversity of Project Activities

  • Bio Dynamic Farm activities
  • Reclamation of wastelands
  • Harvesting monsoon rain water
  • Cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees and aromatic, herbal plants
  • Value added agriculture: Manufacture of aromatic, herbal products
  • Sustainable rural economy: domestic and international marketing plans
  • Women and small farmers as agents of change in rural economy
  • Mobilization of rural human resources into vibrant and sustainable rural economy


  • Poverty eradication
    • Enhancement of livelihood capacities
    • Community Health Assurance
    • Reclamation of wastelands
    • Prevention of migration of rural population to urban sectors
    • Animation of rural economy
    • Environment protection
  • Economic sustainability
    • Revitalizing agricultural activities
    • Promoting organic farms
    • Training in bio dynamic agriculture
    • Production of Herbal – Aromatic Plants
    • Production of Essential Oils & Siddha Medicines
    • Marketing and Management Opportunities
  • Women empowerment
    • Employment opportunities
    • Non sale and non-conversion of agricultural farms to non-agricultural activities
    • Participation in Community Health Care
    • Formation of Healthy Rural Families
  • Direct beneficiaries in three levels:
    • Landless laborers, especially women
    • Very Small farmers – less than one hectare
    • Small farmers – more than one hectare and less than five.


  • Establishment of organic farms with bio dynamic agricultural methods
  • Establishment of distillation plant to produce essential oils
  • Establishment of medicine making unit to produce Siddha medicines
  • Promotion of Marketing Facilities
    • Local
    • Regional
    • International
  • Training in Organizational and Management Skills

Responsible Manager of the enterprise

Farm Name: Karmuhil Organic Farms
Responsible person: Mr.Maruthupandian
Physical Address: Muhil Gardens,Muhilur, T.Puthupatty P.O. – 625704,

Thirumangalamtaluk, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu.

Tel/Mob: 09003773381 (Fr. Clement),

 09597494260 (Maruthupandian)


MANDATOR CONTACT INFORMATION (if certification is contracted by another entity)
Mandator Name: Karmuhil Educational Trust
Responsible person Fr. Clement Joseph,
Postal Address: MuhilGardens, Muhilur, T. Puthupatty P.O. – 625704, Thirumangalam Taluk, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu.
Tel/Mob: 09003773381 / 09443332381 (Fr. Clement) Fax: