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Karmuhil Organic Farms

Karmuhil Organic Farms

BIO DYNAMIC AGRICULTURE is being promoted by MUHIL. Training of Women in self-help Groups are being conducted in order to promote bio Dynamic Agriculture in the village of Thirumangalam Taluk, Muhil Garden has been converted into a Model Farm


More than 40 Women Leaders of self Help Groups have come forward from the (Muhil) villages to go through the training.

These Self Help Groups are willing to bring together nearly 200 acres of land in the beginning to start Bio Dynamic Agriculture in order to:


  • Overcome the failure of monsoons
  • Bring about soil rejuvenation through natural compost and avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Restructure the landscape to facilitate Watershed Management
  • Overcome Deforestation by planting of Trees
  • Change from mono crop cultivation to Bio-Diversity
  • Propagate Plantation of Medicinal Plants.
  • Promote resurgence of rural Agrarian Economy
  • Prevent migration of Rural Population, Especially the youth, to the Urban sector.