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Muhil Gardens

Muhil Gardens

Muhil Gardens is a welcome Green Spot. Home to hundreds of herbals plant species, there are thousands of trees, plants, creepers and bushes in a small area of less than one hectare. Muhil Gardens is marked on Google Maps: 6 th Km from the Town of Thirumangalam on National Highway 744 to Quilon (Kollam)

Muhil Gardens provides affordable accommodation, including deluxe Eco Wooden Cottages. Guests have multiple excursion possibilities: the Temple City of Madurai (28 Km), the Hill Station of Kodaikanal (131 Km), the Water Falls in Coutralam (135 Km), the Sea Shores of Rameswaram (196 Km), the Western Ghats in Munnar (147 Km) and the tip of the sub-continent: Kanyakumari (220 Km).

You will enjoy a great vacation, clean air, delicious food, Siddha remedies, prescribed by qualified Graduate, Post Graduate and Senior Siddha Doctors, medicated oil massage & medicated steam treatment. Holistic schedule of life will strengthen and revitalize you towards customized Life Style Modification.

Women and Men of all age groups and nations have benefited from their stay in Muhil Gardens, many of them had been affected under Tension, Pressures of Occupation and Life-threatening Health Disorders before their visit to Muhil Gardens.

Periodically and on request, for Groups, Life Orientation Seminars and Life Style Modification Camps are conducted in Muhil Gardens. Study & Research Workshops are also facilitated on the Philosophy and Medicine of Tamil Siddhas by competent and experienced experts in the fields of study and practice.