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Mr. Rajendrapandian, Mr. Selvam, Mr. Murugan, Ms. R. Padmavathi, Ms. Selvi, Fr. V. Clement Joseph, Ms.Arul Selvi, Ms. Ancy Lawrence, Ms. S. Vasanthi, Mr. T. Bastin, Mr. M. Maruthupandian

 Organization of the BD Preparation Work

Year of starting BD preparation work:

2005: Under the supervision of Mr. Peter Proctor, Ms. Rachel Pomeroy & Mr. Jaison J. Jerome.

The Organisation and Planning of the Use of the BD-Preparations as well as Supervision and Training of farm workers is done by trained and experienced field officers. Groups of farm workers prepare and spread the preparations according to a plan.

Horn Manure (BD 500)It is produced as on-farm input and utilised as ground spray. From Jan 2016 till July 2017 only BD 500 was used @ 25 gms/ac in 15 lts water. After this period BD 500 was used @ 60 gm/ac along with CPP manure @ 500 gm/ac in 25 lts of water. The spray solution was stirred for an hour and then sprinkled as big drops over the soil in the descending period of moon in evening hours. In 2016 in September 201 horns were buried with 16 kgs of Cowdung from lactating cow. Then in January 2017, 9.950 kgs of BD 500 was recovered and stored in mud pot surrounded with coir waste. In 2017, 205 cow horns were buried with 13 kgs of Cowdung in September 2017 and it will be recovered in Feb / Mar 2018.

Horn Silica (BD 501)It is procured from Kurinji farms, Batlagundu. It is used as an ariel spray over the crops. From January 2017 it is used @ 01 gms/ac in 15 lts of water, stirred for an hour and sprayed as ariel fine mist spray over the crop in the early morning hours, during the ascending period of moon. This is also used against fungal problems in the Moon opposite to Saturn days.

Compost Herbal Preparations (BD 502 to BD 507) – These preparations are also procured from Kurinji farms, Batlagundu. These preparations are used in making of compost (01 set/10 cubic meter of fresh compost), CPP manure (01 set/ 30 kgs of Cowdung used) and Liquid manures (01 set for every 200lts of any liquid manure prepared).

CPP ManureThis is produced as on farm input in the registered farms. It is prepared inside a brick lined pit of 3 ft x 2 ft x 1 ft size, using Cowdung, rock dust and egg shell powder, incorporated with 03 set of BD preparations.  CPP Manure is produced at Muhil Gardens, Vanmuhil and in Semmuhil. This has been used along with BD 500 for soil application. It is also used for root dipping, seed dressing and cuttings pasting. The crops were also managed by foliar sprays of CPP manure (3.3%) For vegetable crops at Vanmuhil, Karmuhil and Muhil Gardens also compost was given as base, and then managed by CPP manure and vermi tea as foliar.



CPP Manure Production

The bipods and tripods are fabricated using bamboo and local wooden poles to design a stirring arrangement.


The Horn manure (BD 500) stored in mud, the Horn Silica (BD 501) stored in glass bottle. The Biodynamic herbal preparations (BD 502 to BD 507) are stored in glass bottles surrounded by Coir pith as an insulation, to preserve the vital forces of the Biodynamic herbal preparations and to maintain the moisture.